“Understanding truth can come forward out of dialogue among friends — if you’re siting with someone you really trust and you’re talking about the things that really matter to you — conversations and understandings come forward and sharing comes forward if there wasn’t another person you were talking to — and what matters in a conversation that is resting in the truth - is friendship.
— - Mirabai Bush, Shakti Hour, Episode 22

Shakti Sacred Music Series was created by Melanie Moser with Julia Alsop for the Shakti Hour Podcast on Ram Dass’s Be Here Now Network.

The Shakti Sacred Music Series is a special offering featuring conversations with musicians about sacred music made by women Tuning in to hear the voices of women in new ways and looking deeper into the possibility for sound, singing and vibration to take us into a more intimate experience with spirit — individually, culturally and across artistic and religious traditions.

Melanie Moser (Radhe) is so and so and will be releasing an album of devotional folk songs in the new year.

Julia Alsop is this person

Special thanks to Andrew Connor for his engineering help; David Silver for his encouragement; Raghu Markus for giving me the opportunity; and Amanda McBaine for her gracious generosity across my whole and entire life.

And to the entire Be Here Now Network - specifically, Kelly Rego, JR Morton and Corey Morton for making everything happen with fierce courage, style and great Hanuman strength — much love! RAM RAM

Jai Guru Maharaj! Neem Karoli Baba

Blessings on Baba Ram Dass and all beloved satsang

“I listened to every one!!!!!!! Oh my lord i loved them all so much! What wonderful interviews! Such a treat! I loved Jo! And Bobby! And of course Lama Tsultrim—And Terry!!! That one gave me some mega chills! Started off my journey with Terry driving down the coast.. then the other yoga teacher/from the art world.. then Jo through Petaluma.. had a bit of a cry.. oh my goodness that story about losing her mum.. then Lama through oakland, Bobby getting on the 5.. Mirabai, Sara & Deva got me down the 5 home to LA! Thank you! Door to door! IT WAS THE BEST!!!!! Soooo many inspiring stories... wow! “
— Shakti Hour listener