What is OM?

Join composer and drummer, Brian Chase (YYY’s) and Melanie in a conversation about how to find a way into the deeper realms of self through the process of listening and/or the sensual energy of love as expressed through sound.

The Guru's Grace

The guru’s grace is a change in perspective. The guru’s grace is liberation from fear. The guru’s grace is freedom from suffering. The guru’s grace is knowledge. The guru’s grace is everything.


Listen in to the pure earth expression from Luzmila Carpio and hear reflections from Elizabeth Hart (Psychic Ills, Tierra del Fuego) on the transformative power of dancing with the natural world.

It's All Sacred: Music as a Healing Force

Join Kyp Malone (TVOTR) and Shakti Hour host, Melanie Moser in conversation around Alice Coltrane’s “Transfiguration”, traveling through space and time via music, what is spiritual, IMPROVISATION, transcending the boundaries of the material realm, and where we can all be better for ourselves and one another — PEACE.

I Feel Like Tired or Bon Jovi

I feel like tired or Bon Jovi. Following a four plus hour fire ceremony on the second floor of a brahmin priest’s personal home we were wandering the streets of Trymbakeshwar trying to find a place that once served as a restaurant in an alleyway somewhere around this area. (excerpt from “My Week In India”)